300 Word Forum – Business Writing Class

300-word forum post on the following:

Share a professional message you have recently read or written. This could be an email, memo, letter, website content, social media message, flyer, or brochure. Share a link to the message or 1-3 paragraphs from the message and answer the following questions:

  • Who is the target audience      and what is the purpose of the message?
  • What are THREE ways      that the message uses the Six Cs of Communication (courtesy,      conciseness, clarity, concreteness, completeness, and correctness)?      Provide examples! If the message doesn’t use the Six Cs well, then provide      three revisions of sentences to demonstrate using the Six Cs in a better      way.
  • What are TWO ways      that the message demonstrates the “you” approach?      Consider how the message focuses on the target audience’s wants or needs      in terms of word choice, content, organization, or design. If the message      doesn’t use the “you” approach well, then provide two revisions      of sentences to demonstrate using the “you” approach in a better      way.
  • What is ONE way the      message uses positive emphasis?      If the message doesn’t use positive emphasis well, then provide one      revision of a sentence to demonstrate using positive emphasis in a better      way.