Access Technology Challenge

Final Independent Challenge – Newsletter
Your company, Natural & Safe, produces and direct markets a line of skin creams through its
website. The company is growing rapidly due to the increased interest in “natural” and “green”
products. Four new warehouses and two manufacturing plants have opened in the last year.
Growth brings opportunity. However, opportunity often presents itself as a problem. Recognizing
that some of his managers are seeing the problems, but not the opportunities, Alberto Munoz,
Vice-President of Operations will hold a seminar on problem solving at the annual retreat next
month at the Scottsdale Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona.
He brought you the information on the steps to effective problem-solving shown below. He has
asked you to format the steps in problem solving into a newsletter that he can send to the
managers. You will need to write the copy and design the layout.
1. Develop a Newsletter from a blank document. If you would like you can find and use a
newsletter template.
2. Write at least one “article” about problem-solving. Restate the steps in problem-solving
in your own words. (Steps shown below.) Insert the “article” in the newsletter.
3. Insert a graphic representation of the steps somewhere on the newsletter. If you would
like you can use the logo designed earlier.
4. Write an article announcing the up-coming seminar. Research the location and “sell” the
managers on putting the seminar into their schedules. The title of the seminar is
Problems are Opportunities in Disguise. The Vice-President of Operations is Alberto
Munoz. You may fill-in the details of the seminar yourself. You may even find an
inspirational speaker to highlight as special guest.
5. Include appropriate visuals (clipart or pictures – stick with all clipart or all pictures.)
6. Give yourself an author’s byline somewhere on the brochure. Be sure to list the source
of any information you include in the brochure text.
7. When you have completed the newsletter, save it as a PDF document. Name the file
your name Problems are Opportunities Brochure.
8. Submit your file in the OP-F assignment box.
Steps in Effective Problem-Solving
1. Identify the problem.
2. Collect and Analyze Information.
3. List the Alternatives.
4. Choose the Best Alternative.
5. Evaluate the Situation 6. Implement the Decision.
7. Follow-up and Evaluate
8. Make Adjustments if Necessary.