Adaptations For All Children

Adaptations for All Children

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Module 06 Content

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Purpose of Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate planning for adaptations and accommodations for children with exceptional needs.


Course Competency:

    • Develop strategies and activities to facilitate social, cognitive, physical, and language development for children with exceptional needs.ds



Design adaptations for children using the CARA’s Kit Adaptation Continuum and Decision Making Process from the Lesson Content. Create a document, which maps or charts the adaptations you will make for each of the following situations:

    • Toddler age child who is not independently walking is having difficulty accessing outdoor play spaces and equipment
    • Two year old child who is learning multiple languages is having difficulty sitting at group time listening to stories
    • Preschool age child who is on the Autism spectrum is having difficulty transitioning from playtime to clean-up time
    • Preschool age child who is experiencing a speech impairment is having difficulty in social-situations and entering play with other children



    • Specify your setting: center-based or family child care
    • For each situation, include original adaptations for environment, activity, materials, instructional support and schedule.
    • Adaptations should be specific to the individual situation, as well as, apply to all children in the setting
    • Adaptations should be developmentally appropriate and applicable to your specific setting
    • Professional and people-first language used throughout adaptations
    • Reference list for supportive resources, if needed.



    • A chart, table or map, which clearly provides adaptations for each situation in all of the continuum categories
    • Example Chart:
    • Situation
    • Environment
    • Activity
    • Materials
    • Schedule
    • Instructional Supports
    • 1. Toddler …
    • 2. Two Year old…
    • 3. Preschool…
    • 4. Preschool…
    • Complete sentences
    • Professional, people-first language
    • Reference list, if needed.

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