Answer Discussion Questions

Purpose: To use poetry as content to identify cultural emotion (s), privilege cultural emotions of soft and hard boundaries and  institutional (open and closed) boundaries, and to assess challenges to structural conditions of assimilation (blending-in).

Task analyze the poem Yo Soy Joaquin. Yo soy Joaquin.pdfActions

Discuss the following : Please use the attached MS Word file for selecting lines in the poem to identify responses to each discussion question. Yo soy Joaquin-1.docxActions

 Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the emotions expressed in the poem.

2. Discuss the privilege cultural emotions challenged and constrained in the poem.

3. Use the handout Privilege Cultural Emotions (see attached) to assess the privilege cultural emotions (soft and hard boundaries and open and closed institutional boundaries). Privilege Cultural Emotions.docx

4. Identify and discuss where the poem challenges structural conditions of assimilation/blending-in.