Argue For Reform



Assignment One – Argue for Reform


Assignment type; Debate


Word limit/length; 600 words


Minimum of 6 Reference

APA 7th edition, citation and reference must be accurate.



“To improve the mental health of the nation we need better organisation not      more expenditure”

This assignment task provides you with an opportunity to reflect upon the way in which mental health services are governed and funded in Australia. The assignment item has been designed to encourage you to develop a well-supported argument in response to the proposition.

Learning outcomes

This assignment task is aligned with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identify and critique the policy and funding context of mental health service provision in primary mental health care and non-government organisation sectors
  2. Deconstruct stepped care, its barriers and opportunities and its impact on consumers and their families

Assignment details

In 600 words provide a well-reasoned argument FOR or AGAINST the proposition:

“to improve the mental health of the nation we need better organisation, not more expenditure”.

In your answer you should cite evidence from relevant literature, either from resources we have provided in the unit content or from literature you have independently accessed. In your response to this assignment exercise we ask you to clearly state your position on the proposition.