Reflection Journal Instructions on nursing leadership
Introduction: Describe your most recent experience in the clinical setting.
1. Describe 1 specific activity that you engaged in (shadow
how nurse leaders lead the team and make the workflow
as smooth as possible….)
Reflection on action: Was it easy/difficult, pleasant/unpleasant etc.
1. What you found easy or difficult (
2. What you liked about what you did (time management
working as a nurse leader…)
Reflection on what you learned:
1. How you might want to follow it up
2. How you used your theory knowledge on the subject
Conclusion: Identify gaps
1. What other information do you need
2. What could you do differently in this type of situation next
Assignment instructions: this class is about nursing leadership in an ICU hospital.
Please Write a 1.5 pages reflection using the instructions above in APA Style Form