Assignment: Final Individual Project

Students, below are the details and scoring rubric on the final individual project.   An attachment of sample topics has been provided if you want to use one of these topics for your paper.

Total Points awarded: 20

Provide​ ​a​ ​​​clear, ​ ​​​specific​ ​​​and​ ​​​succinct​ ​research topic of relevance from any of the lecture topic and compile a paper (10-15 pages in length 12 point Calilbri Font, 1.5 line spacing). Up to 3 additional pages at the end of the paper can be added for an Appendix. Appendix should be for illustrations, graphs, and cite the references used. Use MLA style of citation for the references. The paper can be based on any of the topics listed in any of the lectures or relevant topics in management of information systems, information security, leadership, team communication.​ ​The topic is the approved topic from the start of the class.

  1. Introduction and thesis
  • Quality introduction that grabs interest of reader and states the topic
  • Thesis is exceptionally clear, well-developed, and a definitive statement
  • Good setup for main research sections
  1. Content knowledge: quality of research
  • Well researched topic
  • Excellent analysis of the topic and supporting evidence sited from at least 3 articles in a logical manner
  • References are sited correctly and flows well with the content
  1. Content application: support of thesis and analysis
  • Exceptionally critical, relevant and consistent connections made between evidence and thesis
  • Excellent analysis of the topic
  • Creativity and innovation
  1. Conclusion
  • Quality summary of thesis argument with concluding ideas that impact reader
  • Does not introduce new ideas or information in the conclusion
  1. Writing
  • Paper if free of grammar and spelling errors
  • Up to 10 references
  • Reference section is properly formatted
  • Used page numbers