Build A Project Charter

Assignment Objective

As reviewed in week 1, for your final project (due in week 8), you will be tasked to build an operational plan.  You will complete sections of this project throughout the course.  The development of a project charter is the first part of laying the ground work for your final paper.  Remember, this charter is lay out the project but not solve the problem.  Your research in the coming weeks will help you find the solution.

Assignment Resources

Review Chapter 6 in your textbook(Exhibit 6.6 shows a charter example), in addition, review the additional resources provided in the Week 2 Module to prepare for this assignment.  Please see the links below for a project charter example.

Paper Requirements

  • Lay out paper as a project charter using the attached template:Project Charter Template.docxActions
  • APA formatting in regards to title page, formatting and references  (if used)

Additional Guidance

Things to consider when building the charter:

Team Structure and Authority

It is important to have the right team members that will help move the project forward. There will need to be accountability and documentation of roles and responsibilities. Like anything, everybody has to do their part to complete the task at hand. Unfortunately, one under performer can derail your whole project. In order to ensure everybody understands the scope, having a project charter is key, you will lay out ground rules, expectations and then all the details surrounding the project. This is the time you will also lay out the time commitment, as it relates to meeting times and work that will need to be completed. Having deadlines is important, sticking to them is even more important.

We are very good at putting together robust documents with great ideas, but forget to assign responsible parties and deadlines for deliverables. Without these items, the plan is nothing but words on a piece of paper.

Project management is a key tool that is used to enhance operations, as it helps you review processes and find the way to be effective and efficient with the resources you have, and helps you find ways to be innovative to re-engineer your work.