Business Finance

View the CBA you chose in class at the links listed below along with other sources and answer the questions about each.

1.  What is the start and expiration date for the current CBA?  What is the status of negotiations at this time?  Who represented the PA in the negotiations?  Who represented the owners?

2.  What is the free agency period set by the CBA?  What are the requirements to qualify for arbitration?

3.  What type of salary cap (or other method) is used?  What is the salary cap or other method of limit used?

4.  What are the requirements to be able to enter the league for a new player?  Age?  Other requirements?

5.  What changes were made in the most recent CBA from the prior CBA?

6.  What is the length of season set by the CBA?

7.  Who covers costs for travel and what allowances are provided for travel for meals, etc.?

8.  Who does the CBA allow to have the power of discipline?  What limitations are established for drug testing and for violations of policy regarding suspensions and pay?

9.  What are the stipulations for being vested or receiving compensation/pension after retirement?  Identify the scale of pay and time period?  What other benefits are provided to former players?

10.  Does the CBA cover specifics for provisions in the clubhouse and nutrition?

11.  Conclude with the most interesting thing you found in the CBA. search CBA