CLC – Business Case

Develop a business case and finalize the project charter.

An organization may initiate a project by requiring the development of a business case as part of its project methodology. The approval of the business case provides authorization to start another set of processes to begin the second phase of the project methodology.

Based upon the project you selected for the Topic 1 assignment, review either the “Husky Air – Pilot Angels” or the “The Martial Arts Academy – School Management System” extended case study content at the end of Chapter 3 in the textbook.

Because the case is fictitious, groups will need to make several assumptions about the business case in lieu of completing a client interview. The assumptions made should be documented in the business case.

As you plan to complete the assignment, meet as a team to do another learning cycle and assign responsibilities. Using the details provided at the end of Chapter 3, complete a business case that contains the following information.

Project Name

Project Team

Project Description

Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)

Comparison of Alternatives

A Recommendation

Based upon the insight into methodologies/governance, the business case, and the merits of outsourcing, collaborate to revise the team charter and project charter.