Signature Assignment that is worth 500 pts.  First develop a PPT of the necessary content with title slide, objective slide, content slides, reference slide in APA format. There are no slide number requirements; however, (3) three sources are required.

Beginning in Module 1 of this course you have been researching a healthcare informatics topic of your choice.  Now you will present your findings in PPT and recorded presentation.  Address each of the questions below: My research topic is “Clinical Research”

  • Discuss your topic and its relationship to your current (or future) practice. (My current practice is Telephonic Case Manager)
  • Discuss why the topic is important in healthcare informatics.
  • What research have you have found on the topic.
    • Describe how each scholarly article relates to the topic and your current (or future) practice.
    • Describe what conclusions you have drawn based on your research of the topic.
  • What ethical or legal issues does this topic present?
  • Create a plan for implementing a change (or justify the need for no change).
    • Who needs to be involved?
    • What training programs are needed?
    • Is there a need for on-going training?
    • Discuss how you would evaluate the success of the change (or the continued success of what you are currently doing).
    • What is the cost to implement or maintain this change?
    • Who will be financially responsible?
    • How feasible is this change?
  • Identify how changes in public policy and technological advances in the future could impact this topic.
    • What would those changes mean to the healthcare industry?
    • Total of 20 slices with all the elements