Com Week8 Assignment





Speech Title

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*Please note that the purpose of this template is to assist you with correctly formatting an outline. Please carefully review the Assignment Overview document (located in assignment link) for the approved topics. Also, your outline should not include complete paragraphs, entire speech, or an essay.*


*Add your own information to this template. Reminder: all sources must be cited both in-text and in the reference section using APA or SWS.


Speech Title

  1. Introduction
  2. A) Attention getter (Quote, Statistic, or Anecdote-Cite all outside information).
  3. B) Thesis Statement/Purpose (topic of the speech).
  4. C) Preview Main Points (1, 2 and 3).
  5. Body
  6. Main point #1 (Cite Credible Sources)
  7. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Benefits of an Outline, 1).
  8. Supporting Detail/Research/Example.
  9. Supporting Detail/Research/Example.
  10. Main point #2 (Cite Credible Sources)
  11. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Effective Use of a Presentation, 2)
  12. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
  13. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
  14. Main point #3 (Cite Credible Sources)
  15. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
  16. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Benefits of an Outline, 1)
  17. Supporting Detail/Research/Example

III. Conclusion

  1. A) Review Main Points (1, 2 and 3)
  2. B) Thesis Statement/Purpose (Restate speech topic)
  3. C) Memorable Conclusion (Quote, Statistic, or Anecdote, Call to Action)



(Replace with your own sources-this shows correct formatting only)

  1. Benefits of an Outline. 2015. Importance of an Outline.


  1. Effective Use of a Presentation. 2018.