DIs One And 2

 Discussion: Managing Emotions in the Workplace


Emotions can be highly advantageous to both individuals and the workplace. It can be incredibly positive to have energetic and enthusiastic individuals in an organization, but it can also be counter-productive and destructive.

Initial Post

Assess what emotions “are” and the potential damage they can create in the workplace. Then, most importantly, offer two (2) strategies supervisors and managers can teach employees to use to control their most destructive emotions better and describe how supervisors can best train their employees in using those strategies.

Post your initial response by Wednesday, 11:59 pm ET.

Response Post

Read through the post of your peers and select a minimum of two to discuss the impact technology has on how our emotional responses and personality are expressed. Your responses are due by Sunday, 11:59 pm ET.


It is important that you review the Discussion Rubric and read the Discussion Posting Guide. These documents lay out the basis for how you should engage in discussions and how you will be evaluated.

All discussions combined are worth 20% of your final course grade.