Discussion 1

discuss your idea for your Final Project. What training topic are you choosing? Why are you choosing it? What hesitations or concerns do you have regarding this topic or the training plan in general?

As you are creating your plan keep in mind: How does an organization, supervisors/department heads, training managers help people gain knowledge, skills, and abilities?  How can you help employees apply what they learn? How do you know your training program is effective?

You will use a systematic approach to develop a training plan, starting with a needs assessment, developing learning objectives, describing approaches, theories, and methods, and ending with evaluating success.

In response to at least two peers, ask questions about the training proposed. For instance, if I am planning to create a training plan around building a new employee orientation, you may want to ask me what specific areas of orientation I will be focusing on.

If you are concerned about company information disclosures, create a fictitious company name. Remember that this project should be applicable to either a current or potential future career/job position.

Be sure to review the discussion board at least three times throughout the week.