Discussion 11

Since the purpose of these assignments is to discuss the concepts and ideas brought forth by your fellow students, all your posts (original and responses) should not be made all at once. That would be much like standing on a soapbox in a corner and shouting opinions without additional input. Keeping the standard deadline for the original posts allows you the traditional 2 days prior to the unit to begin responding, but you will also have the entire following week to continue the discussion.


Case: Zappo’s Organizational Culture (not in the textbook). After reviewing the links and videos posted in the online learning environment, answer the following questions:

i. What are your thoughts about Tony Hseigh’s leadership and his view of organizational culture?

ii. In what ways does organizational culture influence the organization? How can it help facilitate an organization’s success?

iii. How would you describe the organizational culture within your organization (or one with which you are familiar)? Share a story, rite, ritual, or symbol that your organization uses that exemplifies its culture.

iv. Is there a “correct” or “best” version of organizational culture? Identify three different types of organizations. What type of culture do you feel is ideal for each organization?

v. How does one change the culture of an organization