Choose one:

Discuss the link between suburbanization and the car. What are the pros and cons of suburbanization and car dependency? Provide specific examples of the socio-economic impact and environmental impact of suburbanization and the car.


Identify and describe the main characteristics of suburbs as highlighted in the resources from the modules. Provide specific examples from your own personal observations, from media, or from your own experiences.


Write a substantial post of a minimum of 300 words

Discussion posts need to be supported or backed up by information from the readings, lectures, etc. — this includes response posts!!!!!!!MAKE SURE TO USE ATTACHED SLIDES.

This is a posted article: https://www.kcet.org/history-society/what-we-gave-up-to-become-suburban

Make sure to cite all sources, using in-text citations, and provide a list of references at the bottom of the post. References are not counted in the minimum word count for the posts.

Do not copy from other postings. This constitutes plagiarism. You can use the same concepts but the writing and explanations should be your own original writing.