I have worked in different departments and I can honestly say your leader can make all the difference. Where I currently work has had the best leadership in my 10 years of healthcare. Our leaders are trustworthy and communicate very effectively. I believe those are the top two things a good leader needs to master. Of course there are a bunch of other qualities that make up a good leader as well. A good leader should have a good understanding of their department. They should be organized. They should be good at making decisions based on factual information, and not react to the situation.
Quality leadership does not happen overnight. It is something that an organization should help support and teach. “Empowering leadership emphasizes followers’ autonomy, participation, and development through the encouragement of self direction, and thus empowering leaders are willing to share power with followers and support them. Accordingly, empowering leadership will elicit positive psychological reactions and attitudes from followers”  (Kim & Beehr, 2020, 2023) Empowering our leaders gives them support to be the best they can be. I can imagine it can be very draining to be in leadership or management. So giving them support and encouragement is very important. Transformational leadership encourages, supports, and recognizes their staff.
“On the model of transformational leadership, leaders motivate subordinates to achieve the shared vision. Thus, transformational leadership concerns both the people and the production; and is viewed as the most effective model of leadership” (Wais, 2017, 9). “Transformational leadership is the best style to lead, not only because it directs, but also provides opportunities for development and learning; hence, motivating nursing staff to feel responsible and retain within the profession. Transformational leadership involves four main concepts which include individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence” (Wais, 2017, 9).