Answer the four questions below and be sure to apply your personal or professional experience within the answer to EACH question. Your total response should be graduate level, well written, with APA citations and approximately 500 words.

1.  Describe a time when you exercised creativity professionally or personally.

2.  At your current or previous employer describe a process that is not highly functioning. Use the “Person, Product and Process” as described in Isaksen, et al. in Chapter One of the textbook. (Remember, the textbook is available in audio, hard copy and e copy formats. See the “Second Welcome” announcement for potential sources.)

3.  After describing #2 above, give three examples of creativity that could help to solve the “not highly functioning” entity at your current or previous employer (remember, you can guess — as you are not quite an expert on this yet!!).

4. Give a personal example of a time when your personal or professional life would have been improved if you had used creative problem solving (instead of doing the same thing over and over again that never works).