Using the internet or your phone, listen to the following songs:

  • “One”      by Metallica
  • “Smells      Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana
  • “Paranoid Android”      by Radiohead

After listening to the above songs, answer the following questions in your discussion post:

  • What musical influences do you hear in each of these songs      and how would you categorize each of them in a genre? (grunge, heavy      metal, rock?)
  • Listen carefully to the lyrics and share a few sentences as      to what each of these songs is about. Thematically they are similar and      project a sense of aloneness and cynicism, but what topics do they      address? What was happening in American culture during this time that      might have contributed to these feelings as expressed in these songs?      Could it be a generational (Baby Boomers v. Generation X) reaction? Or do      you think this is something else entirely.