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Research question: How does excessive social media affect the self-esteem of married women and what is their likelihood to cheat? The research method that I chose is the correlation method for predicting social behavior. According to Aronson et al. (2019), the correlation method cross-examines the relationship between two or more variables and allows one to predict cause and effect. Additionally, the correlation coefficient increases the predictability from one variable to another through positive correlation, while negative correlations lessen the likelihood (Aronson et al., 2019).

This research method would be suitable because it will allow variables to be examined that would otherwise be difficult to measure. Aronson et al. (2019) explain that surveys and random selection allow for observations in social behaviors and representative portions of the population respectively.

Take a colleague’s research question and alter it so that it aligns with a different research design. Then, justify why this change would be worth researching from a social psychology perspective.