What is Doasim?

In the first paragraph, you should clearly explain Daoism as a philosophy of nature. What is the worldview that Daoism is built upon? What is the importance of this, as a foundation? (Also, remember to delete all of these instructions, replacing them with your content!)

In the second paragraph, you should explain the ways in which Daoism can be regarded as a religion (and not merely a “philosophy of life”). What makes this a religion?

In the third paragraph, you will clearly explain why we might consider Daoism as a set of ritual practices—which can be followed apart from the religious aspects. Why is it important to think of Daoism in this way?

In your final paragraph, you will apply these distinctions to another religious tradition—either your own or one of the others we have already studied this semester. How might the religion you have chosen be thought of in these separate ways?