Select Quotes from The Great Gatsby that would relate to your chosen prompt. You should list these quotes out in a document to submit to this folder by the beginning of class on FRiday, March 11. You should have 10-15 quotes with page numbers. 




Choose one of the following prompts:

  • How do the characters in The Great Gatsby define themselves as individuals? How does that compare to American society’s views at the time?  You might consider limiting your analysis to 1-2 characters.
  • Analyze the portrayal/progression of one or more of the characters in the novel. How do they/don’t they change over the course of the text, and what is Fitzgerald attempting to suggest through their portrayal? You could choose to focus on one character, characters in contrast, or the various female characters for instance.
  • Select one symbol and examine how that symbol functions in the work and what it reveals about the characters or themes of the work as a whole.
  • What is Fitzgerald suggesting to readers in regards to modern society? The American Dream? The focus on the past? Or another topic of your choice? Through his presentation of particular characters, events, symbols, etc., what is Fitzgerald attempting to tell his readers in regards to this concept?
  • Make up a prompt of your own – this must be approved BEFORE class on Friday, March 11, so you can move on with the next parts of the assignment with the rest of the class.