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Part 1

  1. What were your results from the assessment (which three areas did you score the highest in?)

The  three letters with the highest score in the interest assessment test was I, A and S. ‘I” standing for investigative meant that I am  someone who likes to conduct investigations, therefore implying that I am a thinker.  It also means that I like to problem-solve as well as analyze situations. It implies that I am frequently self-motivated and have a strong aptitude for mathematical and scientific subjects.  The next letter “A” stands for artistic, which means that I am a creator and that I  like to work in environments where I can express myself creatively and come up with fresh concepts. It implies that I am interested in the performance arts (theater or music) as well as the visual arts. The last one in which I scored the most points was the letter “S” which stands for social. Social means that I am a helper and that I  prefer to work with people instead of with things since I find them more engaging. It indicates that I am frequently an excellent public speaker who takes pleasure in assisting others.

  1. Did the results surprise you? Describe why or why not and use specific examples from your life that showcase how you may currently be incorporating those results into your actions/experiences.

No, the results did not surprise me as I have always exhibited these attributes from a young age. From an early age I would always be curious to figure out how things work and would always be asking questions. As I got older I would spend a great deal of time in libraries trying to learn more about the world and the human race. I believe this is where my love for human anatomy originates. I have often been described as a daydreamer as well, as I would find myself immersed in my own thought trying to imagine and fantasize the possible wonders of the world and incorporate them in my poems and lyrics. I believe this to be the freer and more artistic side of me. Despite these two being an accurate presentation of who I am, I believe the social aspect of it is not a fair statement as I have always worked best alone and don’t quite enjoy public speaking. However, I do love helping others where I can especially those closest to me. I have been known to  be a good confident and sometimes therapist to my friends.

  1. Have you ever completed an interest or personality assessment before? If so, briefly summarize the type(s) of results you’ve previously received and how those do/not relate to the results you received on this interest assessment. If you haven’t previously completed an assessment then share what it was like to complete this one and how useful/valuable you feel it was.

No, I have never completed a personality assessment before which is why I was looking forward to participating in this interest test. Completing this interest test was quite beneficial not just to my professional career but my personal life as well. It allowed me to be more self-aware of the areas I lack strength in and those I thrive in. It has also helped me to understand who I am and what careers are better suited to accommodate my interest and attributes. This will further help me to build on my skills in order for me to be better equipped to perform various everyday roles and also for me to thrive in my career.


Part 2

  1. Of the 17 UNSDGs that are listed, which ones seem to stand out or resonate the most for you, and why? For each of the ones that seem to be the most relevant, indicate how they align with your interests or passions.

The UNSDGs that resonate most with me are: Reduce Inequality, Climate Action and Good health and Wellbeing.

Reduce inequality

This goal resonated with me the most because if this is properly addressed then it could tackle most of the other issues facing this world today such as poverty and reduced economic and health disparities. This goal not only advocates for population well-being through improved standards of living but it makes use of human and capital potential. Reducing inequalities at all levels has always been a passion of mine. Which is why I often take part in movements advocating for equality; be it gender or racial equality. I am a member of many online activist communities advocating for equality not just in this country but across the globe as well.

Climate Action

In order to ensure sustainability and well-being for us and future generations we must take immediate action to combat climate change and the devastating impact it has on the environment. This goal is especially important to me as I am devastated by the growing deterioration of our planet and as a striving environmentalist I believe we all need to take action towards reversing these effects. This aligns perfectly with my investigative and artistic tendencies as I often try to find creative ways in which I can take part in combating climate change and how I can influence others to do the same as well. I have been taking part in many green initiatives in and around my community and hopefully one day I would be able to create initiatives that would inspire others to do the same.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Sustainable development is dependent on people living healthy lives and fostering their well-being at all stages of their lives.  Due to the state of recent affairs this goal resonated to me, Currently,  the planet is experiencing a global health catastrophe unlike anything else  due to COVID-19. This has led to human suffering, undermining the world economy, and overturning the lives of millions around the world. Promote good health is of great importance and interest to me as I love helping people live better lives whenever possible. I would one day like to volunteer for mission trips around the world in order to help impoverished countries improve their lives and subsequently their health.

  1. Of the types of occupations that were listed in the results from your interest assessment, which ones are you the most drawn to and how do you think those roles might best align with supporting the UNSDG(s) that are of most interest to you?

Carrier in Human Services

I feel drawn to this type of occupation because it revolves around helping people improve their quality of life. Careers in human services such as community health worker would help immensely in improving the heath and wellbeing of many people within the community. This occupation will help further the third goal (good health and wellbeing) in the sense that it aims to encourage self-sufficiency and contentment in people’s life by meeting their most basic requirements such as shelter and food and offering advice, counseling, and drug misuse rehabilitation.

Government and Public Administration

Careers in government and public administration will advance many of the UNSDGs goals for this reason this occupation has drawn my attention. For instance, if I were to have a career as a legislator I would be able to have a platform to enforce laws and advance government operations towards combating important issues facing the country such as inequality.


Part 3

Select ONE of the UNSDGs that is of most interest and relevance to you and your interests. Then, identify ways that four different organizations are working to address this UNSDG (either directly or indirectly). Two of them need to be certified B Corporations, while the other two can be any other type of organization.

UNSDG: Climate Change

Alphabet is a major player in the IT sector and a pioneer in the field of environmental responsibility. In 2007, the firm became carbon neutral, and a decade later, it was the first corporation of its scale to meet all of its electrical needs with renewable energy. With more than 50 renewable energy projects totaling 5.5 GW now under contract throughout the globe. This results in a yearly CO2 deficit of around 5 million tons. It further hopes to combat climate change by running full-time on carbon free energy.

The electric vehicle company Tesla has established its brand on combating climate change. It has manufactured a  million electric vehicles that have averted the emission of over 4 million tons of CO2 into the environment. With the Nevada Gigafactory attaining 100 percent renewable energy, several of the corporation’s facilities are fueled by sustainable energy.

Certified B Corporations

Clothing retailer Tentree has a purpose to help the world achieve its best in environmental conservation by encouraging people throughout the globe to do their part. Tentree plants 10 trees for every piece of clothing they sell via initiatives focused at re-building communities and enhancing the Earth’s vegetation cover. Nearly 35 million trees have been planted since its establishment, and their goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. The majority of their clothing is created from sustainable materials and is sold at a reasonable price.  Their environmental stewardship  to combat climate change has definitely piqued my attention.

Greyston Bakery is another certified B Corp that has taken its environmental responsibility seriously.  They incorporate fair trade, fair trade sugar, and cage-free eggs cocoa in their ingredient list. Moreover, as  a part of their commitment to environmental protection, they only work with groups who share their beliefs. They have a  total of 36 rooftop solar panels at their facilities that collect energy that they use to prepare their famous brownies thus  mitigating the negative impact on the environment.


All these companies have enforced their very own initiatives to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.  Whilst some have tried to reduce their carbon emissions through sustainable energy others like the Tentree company is doing their part by reforesting the planet.




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