Evolution Of North America


  1. Conduct research for the creation of a slideshow on the tectonic evolution of North America through the Paleozoic Era. Include the following:
  • At least 3 major orogenic and other tectonic events,
  • Evidence in the rock record for each event,
  • Paleogeographic interpretations of North America during different periods of the Paleozoic,
  • Observations/evidence that support these paleogeographic interpretations.
  1. Create a slideshow or use the template provided below. You may use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple’s Keynote, or Open Office’s Impress but you must save your presentation as a .pdf for ease of grading. Use the program’s “Save as” or “Export” feature to complete this. Other slideshow requirements include:
  • In-text parenthetical citations and a work cited slide at the end of the presentation are required. Please follow APA or MLA format and include URLs in the work cited slide. Try to limit your sources. You should be able to conduct most of your research using the textbook.
  • Limit the use of direct quotes and remember to paraphrase your sources. Do not copy from the textbook or any other source.
  • Illustrate your presentation with relevant imagery and maps. The art work from your textbook has been provided to help with this. It is located below in the resources section.
  • Research from number 1 above. While this is a slideshow, you still need to explain and use details in your answers. Don’t be afraid to write full sentences or paragraphs when needed.