Explaining & Discussing

Essay Questions

Responses to each question should fully be answered and explored. Each question must be answered in (400) words each, and should be supported with scholarly research from outside internet sources, excluding wiki sources. Remember that well-written responses do not need to be excessively wordy. In your analysis of the concepts, you may include applicable experience. Paraphrasing and direct quotes should be cited as to source. Refer to APA formatting.

  1. Discuss in scholarly detail concept of outsourcing. What are advantages associated with this trend? What are disadvantages of outsourcing? How do you feel about this concept? Explain?
  2. Discuss in scholarly detail environmental factors that affect the performance of a firm.
  3. Discuss in scholarly detail some proactive and reactive reasons for a firm going global.
  4. Discuss in scholarly detail a differentiation between foreign branching, equity investment and wholly owned subsidiaries. In addition, what are some risks firms face with a foreign subsidiary strategy? Explain?
  5. Discuss in scholarly detail elements of SWOT analysis and what are the limits to its effectiveness and why?