Feminism As Interpretive Frame

Module 7 Discussion Forum II: Feminism as Interpretive Frame


So far in our discussions in this course we have either used the method of practical criticism, posing questions about concrete aspects or ambiguities within our readings in order to better elaborate and complicate their obvious themes or main topics, or used a concept (e.g. ecotheology) or genre (e.g. satire) as an interpretive frame. This forum builds on the later approach by exposing you to another way to formulate interpretive questions–the use of a social and political theory as a lens for analyzing the meaning of a text.

Forum Instructions

The class will be divided into four or five randomly selected groups. What would a feminist reading of Goblin Market look like? What aspects would it highlight and how it would interpret those aspects? In addition to examining the poem’s plot points, scenes, characters, and setting, you might also consider what a feminist approach might have to say about its formal characteristics, especially its prosody (rhythm, meter, rhymes). To put it differently, from a feminist critical perspective, why tell this story in this form?

Please create a single thread within your group and frame your comment in relation to the most relevant preceding one(s). But consider either introducing into the discussion textual, narrative, or formal details that no one else in your group has mentioned or offering a clear and well-reasoned alternative way of understanding one that was previously mentioned. You may want to review the description of feminism and related terms in our Module 7 keywords.

Please Order Post in the Following Way:

  1. Open your comment, if you aren’t the first to post in your group, by relating it to at least one preceding post using the argumentative twist technique. What is Goblin Market‘s feminist message (or what is its anti-feminist message). (1-2 sentences)
  2. Anchor your claim in at least one specific narrative or textual detail or a concrete description of one or more of the poem’s formal aspects. (1-3 sentences)
  3. Supply reasoning that supports your claim. In other words, explain how the narrative or textual details that you cite confirm your claim, that is, serve as evidence. (Ideally, you’ll either offer evidence that no one in your group has previously addressed or you will offer a different take on evidence previously mentioned.) (2-4 sentences)

Additional Instructions

  • Be sure to write with clarity and collegiality (i.e. be respectful of those who have a different opinion)
  • Length: Your post should be at minimum 150 words.
  • Format: You will post your comment directly in the appropriate discussion forum, so use the default formatting (font type, etc.) for the discussion board.
  • Citations: UseMLA in-text citations (Links to an external site.) for textual evidence that refers to the page numbers in the assigned editions of the standalone texts or the PDF/Word documents posted to Canvas. If you cite a different edition or another source, include an MLA Works Cited at the end of your post.