Film Review

 Film name: If Beale Street Could Talk

Be sure to construct your formal essay to have the following sections and answer each prompt appropriately and completely:

  • Film Summary (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Give a summary of what the film is about as it relates to social justice and health (Avoid being vague “I learned a lot about social justice” – be specific)
  • Topic Discussion: (2 paragraphs)
    • Discuss the major social justice issues showcased
    • In your discussion include whether these injustices occur today and their impact on the health and wellbeing of those affected ( support this with 2 credible resources – ex: module readings, journal articles etc)
  • Field Recommendations (2 paragraphs)
    • Provide at least 3 recommendations on how those in your profession can work to eliminate the injustices you discuss (ex: major is nursing – profession is nursing)My major is public health
    • Discuss how this film could be used to raise initiate conversations on these issues and raise awareness to others? (be creative)
  • Discussion prompt
    • Provide a discussion prompt related to your film’s topic and your write up your classmates can respond to.