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UNIT 8 In-Class Assignment – Rights and Duties


Write in your own words a good paragraph explaining and defining the following questions

TOTAL 10 Marks

  1. Define a Rights Ethic? (1 mark)


  1. What are Universal Rights? (1 mark)


  1. What are Inalienable Rights? (1 mark)


  1. What are negative Rights? (1 mark)


  1. What are positive Rights? (1 mark)


  1. Why is it important to have limitations on Rights? (1 mark)


  1. Define a Duties Ethic. (1 mark)


  1. Who do Duties serve? (1 mark)


  1. What is the concept of Correlativity? (1 mark)


What does the Means Justifies the Ends mean to you? (1 mark