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After reading “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells, consider how climate change will affect your own “habitat” and your future role within it (i.e. your future career). In the process of writing this essay, you will be using the “best-to-worst-case” scenarios proposed by Wallace-Wells and come to some understanding concerning the world you currently live in and translate it to that same environment in 30-40 years (~2050-60) based on Wallace-Well’s predictions and other research (be as specific as possible)

Consider your future intended career and, through your research (including an interview with an expert in the field of study), focus on how some aspect of your profession: AVIATION  will be changed through the effects of climate change. Relate Wallace-Wells’ outcomes to your future job. For example,

ü if you were going into AVIATION your job be affected by food shortages, disease, lack of clean air or nutrition, and/or heat death?

ü if you were going into AVIATION , how would your job be affected by continual social unrest?

Wallace-Wells’ article is the catalyst for you essay, which means you are using it to frame your argument in the introduction and possibly in the conclusion, but if relevant, you could also relate it to your research in the body (note the annotated version and the useful notes that could be additional sources for your research).

During your research you will likely encounter one of two relevant terms regarding your profession’s approach to climate change:

  • adaptation might be considered the more pessimistic because it accepts some level of climate change as inevitable and looks into ways that the profession must adjust as the world begins to change;
  • mitigation is the more optimistic because it focuses on ways to slow, stop, or even reverse the effects of climate change within the profession.

In the process of writing this essay, you will need to summarize Wallace-Wells main argument and then you will need to “synthesize” the different relevant perspectives from your sources as they pertain to your research topic.

To do this, you will need to pull in at least THREE other reputable sources, 1) one of which comes from an interview with an expert in your field of study and 2) one of which comes from a scholarly article from an academic journal or publication.

You must also include some type of statistics in your argument to back up some claim. For example, if discussing the impact of the construction industry on climate change, you could reference the UN Environment’s Global Status Report 2017, which indicates that

Buildings and construction together account for 36% of global final energy use and 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions when upstream power generation is included

In the process of narrowing your topic for this essay, remember the basic goals of a well-argued thesis: you will have to have some SPECIFICITY, so do not choose too broad of a topic. Pay attention to the fact that Wallace-Wells emphasizes that everything is not all about sea level changes. So apply Wallace-Wells’ argument ideally to something you already know about your future job and then research it to back that up

Complete rough draft including sources in DRAFT

o a complete essay with introduction, body and conclusion,

o (remember the final must be 750+ words),

o Works Cited page, and

o Relevance to the paper TOPIC.

o Post copy of DRAFT