Hierarchical Outline

When complete, this outline will contain all the detail you need to write your final
paper.  Your full outline should include

1. Every fact and idea that will appear in the paper including citations for all
factual material.
If you put in everything, the number of pages will be about the same as your
final paper.
2. Bibliography
All materials cited (and only materials cited) must be listed here,
3. Appendix
You must include an appendix consisting of a photocopy of the first page of
every article or book chapter you cite.

Evaluation Criteria
Overall organization
Cohesiveness of topic
Outline structure
Use a hierarchical ranking from general to specific.
Do not type out the text of a paper with gratuitous indentation.
Inclusion of detail
Thoroughness and depth of research
Citation of factual material in published literature
Critical analysis of material