HW 5 490

In preparation for your senior papers,

THE TOPIC IS  Improvement of Los Angeles City Slums Residents. ( HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT OR COLLEGES)

begin working on your annotated bibliography. Each annotation should be 4-6 sentences (~150-250 words).

Identify 5 peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to your senior paper topic and

  • Summarize the article (sample questions to consider below)
  • What was the aim(s) or research question(s)
  • How did they answer their RQs?
  • What recruitment strategies did they use?
  • What methods did they use?
  • What measures were included?
  • What did they find?
  • Does this align or differ from the findings of other studies?
  • How does the article inform your senior paper?
  • In what ways could the information in the article be useful for your paper?
  • What sections of your paper does it inform (lit review, framework, methods, analysis, etc)?
  • Optional: Any additional notes to yourself that might be helpful
  • How did it make you feel
  • What thoughts came to mind
  • Did you agree or disagree with the main argument or do you question the findings/approach?

Take a moment to review the following links. They each offer insights on what an annotated bibliography is and how to construct an effective annotated bib.

https://libraryguides.fullerton.edu/c.php?g=1184234&p=8661505 (Links to an external site.)

https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/index.html (Links to an external site.)

https://guides.library.cornell.edu/annotatedbibliography#:~:text=An%20annotated%20bibliography%20is%20a,quality%20of%20the%20sources%20cited (Links to an external site.).

https://www.bibliography.com/examples/annotated-bibliography-writing-guide-with-examples/ (Links to an external site.)

Remember – make these work for you! Think of this assignment as a way to take care of your future self. Make the annotated bib. helpful for future you – think of it like writing a letter to yourself (no fancy language required). You should be able to quickly look at this later on and remember the articles you read and what you thought of them.