In this activity, you will be able to describe the role photosynthesis and cellular respiration play in the carbon cycle.


This activity will allow you to choose and complete a project that will demonstrate your understanding of how photosynthesis and cellular respiration play a role in the carbon cycle. .  You will be required to include the path that carbon takes in an environment, including the ingredients and products of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  Please make sure to explain in your steps how  carbon is cycling through each of these processes and other parts of the environment.  How you choose to do this will be up to you.  Your choices are:


  1. Create a poster or diagram in Paint, Google Draw, or on a phone or tablet drawing app.  You will take a screenshot of your diagram  and copy and paste the image into the comment box. You need to make sure that your image includes all of the required parts of the carbon cycle.


  1. Write a narrative where the main character is a carbon atom; your story will follow the carbon atom from when it is produced, is transformed in photosynthesis and then transformed again in cellular respiration.  The “moral” of the story should be how the three cycles interact.


  1. STUDENT choice.  It must include all components of photosynthesis and the steps that occur in order to convert sunlight into usable plant energy.