• Provide the console output of the routines that you have implemented in the text input box in the format as specified in the problems (whenever required).
  • Provide a pdf file of the iPython notebook of your code. Check the following link for a convenient way to convert an iPython notebook to a pdf (Links to an external site.) document:
  • Create an iPython notebook to work on the following  problems. [How To link: https://www.dataquest.io/blog/jupyter-notebook-tutorial/ (Links to an external site.)]
  • Clearly put the problem numbers in appropriate headers and sub-headers on the notebook.
  • Do not display information that is not being sought.
  • Images or data files, if any, should be kept in folders such as   “./images/im_name.jpg” or “./data/data_file.cvs.”
  • You should build upon the code already provided in the updated notebook (the link to Google Drive is on the Module now) in this  module wherever appropriate .
  • If you have any questions etc., bring it on the discussion board for this Module.
  • Please note that peer-review is only learning from other’s work. You can comment and critique. Grading will be performed by the grader.