Q 1


Background: For class, you watched the clip from Mad Men. Mad Men is a well-known tv series that takes place at a New York City advertising agency environment in the 60s. In this clip, Don Draper, the main character and Creative Director at the advertising agency is helping his account team to “pitch” a new product name. The visitors to the agency in the clip are Eastman Kodak executives who have developed a “wheel” so people could view their slides more easily. The problem in the 60s: lots of slides, a pain to view them because they were all individual. The new high-tech wheel from the Eastman Kodak company solved this. Don talks about nostalgia and uses storytelling to sell his idea.

Question: Think about brands that use nostalgia and storytelling in their advertising. Now, analyze one tv commercial (long form or short form) for this discussion submission. How does this commercial compare to its competition? Is the use of nostalgia and storytelling effective or not for that brand? Why or why not? Link to the commercial in your analysis. Highlight in yellow your topic sentence. This sentence should answer the question and frame the rest of your analysis. Please proofread and edit to get your response.



 Your answer can be no longer than 4 sentences and must go beyond your opinion

APA cite!!!