MGT3059 Week 4 Project

Week 4 Project
MGT3059-Operations Management SU01
Location Decisions
A manufacturer of oak barrels has factories in an area at the location coordinates
provided in the following table. Each coordinate unit represents approximately 10 miles.
The yearly demand at each factory is also given.
Factory Demand X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate
Manchester 14000 80 60
Fayetteville 17000 60 10
Columbia 5000 30 90
Lawrenceburg 3000 30 20
Management has decided to build a new factory to supply raw material to these
factories. The location of the new factory should be central to the existing factories.
Respond to the following in a Microsoft Excel worksheet:
What should be the map coordinates of the new factory? Graph the locations of
the four factories and the proposed raw material factory.
Is the location of the proposed raw material factory where you expected it to be
based on the coordinates of the other factories? Why or why not?
What is the main contributing factor leading to the location of the proposed raw
material factory?
Reflect in ePortfolio
Due March 15 at 12:59 AM
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MGT3059 Week 4
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