Milly, Meg


The goal of this assignment is not to survey the secondary literature (i.e., what other people say

about the Bible) on these topics; rather, it is to enable students to practice engaging in theological

analysis of the biblical texts themselves (the primary sources/literature). Consequently, the main

source for this paper should be the Bible, and the lion’s share of the

writing should involve reflections/ideas about the Scriptures being considered and their

implications for developing a theological perspective on the theme. Citations of writings from

others should be kept to a minimum unless citing is necessary to avoid plagiarism. Furthermore,

since this is a course in Old Testament theology, resist the urge to stay with the familiar by

turning this assignment into a New Testament theology paper.

At least two-thirds of the paper must be devoted to the theological theme’s Old Testament

development before getting on to the New Testament development of it. Finally, I strongly

encourage students to submit their papers to HBU’s ASC office for a tutor’s feedback and

coaching on writing style prior to submitting the final draft to the instructor. This will make them

a better student and writer, lead to a higher grade on the assignment, and make the instructor

much happier.