Mobile Games – Short Answer Assignment

For this writing assignment, choose one of the two short answer prompts below and write a two-page, double spaced paper addressing the questions/topics listed.

1. Applications and Analysis:

Which kinds of apps do you feel have the brightest future? Apps that aim to entertain, to teach, to inform or something else entirely? What audience do different types of apps have and how does that affect the possible development and marketing? What could stop a high-quality app from succeeding, and how come ‘clones’ are often more popular than innovative ideas?

2. Gameplay Analysis: If you have access to a smartphone or tablet, choose a mobile game (either one mentioned in this module, or one of your own choosing) and answer the following questions and prompts:

  • What is the name of the game? Was it free to download or was there an upfront cost? Are there in-app purchases and how does the developer entice you to make those?
  • Describe the gameplay. Was it easy or hard to figure out how to play the game?
  • What is the genre of the game?
  • What made the game fun? Describe the elements of the game that used principles of gamification to encourage you to continue playing the game and return often to play it.

Review the rubric below to see how you will be graded.