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For your final step, you will synthesize the previous steps and labs to summarize the major findings from this project.

Specifically, you will prepare a technical report that summarizes your findings including:

  1. Provide a table of common ports for protocols we studied. Discuss how security devices can be used to within a larger network to control subnets and devices within those subnets.
  2. Discuss network diagnostic tools you used in this lab. Summarize their functionality and describe specifically how you used each tool. Discuss the results you used to assist in both the discovery phase and protocol analysis of the sites you analyzed. What tools impressed you the most and would be most useful for an analyst to employ in the daily activities? What other functionality do you think would be useful to cyber operations analysts?
  3. Research and discuss the ethical use of these tools. For example, if you discover a serious vulnerability, what you should you do? What communications should you have with site owners prior to conducting vulnerability scans?

The report should include a title page, table of contents, list of tables and figures (as applicable), content organized into sections. Be sure to properly cite your sources throughout, and include a list of references, formatted in accordance with APA style.