Based on the following questions, I need you to help me respond to my peers’ 4 posts attached in 150 words each. 2 are attached in PowerPoints and 2 in words.


QUESTION on Windshield Tour .

Take a walk or drive around the geographic area of the population you are interested in. This may be around the hospital or clinic where you work, or in an area you are interested in serving. For instance, when you go into the poorest areas of Chicago, you see:

  • General socio-economic, cultural and environmental conditions
    • A disproportionate amount bill boards for alcohol and tobacco products,
    • A dearth of fresh food stores
  • Social and Community Networks
    • Some poorly and some well-maintained neighborhoods
    • Police “blue light” cameras to try to deter gang activity
  • Individual lifestyle factors
    • Few gyms
    • Many pay day loan stores

Hint: Look at the project requirements in Week 02 Assignment – Public Health. It will be helpful to evaluate the area in terms of your topic of interest.


  1. Post a video, or power point or some other easily accessible presentation with pictures of the area you toured (See Resources > Student Handbook > Discussions > How to Access, Record a Video in Discussion for help).
  2. Identify and discuss three risk factors that affect the population in this area. These might be good or disconcerting. Try to identify one in each of the Dahlgren-Whitehead rainbow models.