Complete the following topics and use each template to answer it.


  1. Enteral Nutrition: Actions Prior to Administering Intermittent Tube Feeding (RN QSEN – Safety, Active
    1. Learning Template – Nursing Skill,


  1. Total Parenteral Nutrition: Evaluation of Client Response to Therapy (RN QSEN – Patient-centered Care, Active Learning Template – Therapeutic Procedure


  1. Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Influences: Modifying Diet to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.  Active Learning Template – Basic Concept.


Complete the following active learning templates:

  1. Respiratory Acidosis –System disorder templates
  2. Respiratory Alkalosis System disorder templates
  3. Metabolic Acidosis system disorder templates
  4. Metabolic Alkalosis system disorder templates
  5. IM Injection including deltoid, vastus lateralis & ventrogluteal injection – Nursing skill templates
  6. Medication:                         2 medication templates
  • Morphine
  • Enoxaparin