Overview: “Information Retrieval Paper – Part 1”
This Module you will begin to develop an Information Retrieval Paper. This assignment focuses on
identifying appropriate evidence-based nursing practices related to specific problems you may
identify as you work in the healthcare/workplace setting.
The goals of an Information Retrieval Paper are to (1) practice using APA format, (2) summarize
and examine the strengths and limitations of research articles, and (3) prepare you for the Nursing
Research Course where you will write a research paper using the skills you have learned
completing this Information Retrieval Paper. Each week, you are using the template provided,
do not create a new word document.
As a part of your Information Retrieval Paper, you will begin development of a research question
using PICO format.  Chapter 9 of the Role Development textbook explains PICO. Be sure to
develop your research question and then just below your research question delineate what the P,
I, C, and O components of your question are.
For this Module 3 Assignment you will –
 Identify a clinical problem
 Establish a PICO question
 Prepare a Title Page in proper APA format
 Identify three peer-reviewed articles
 Summarize each article using APA format.
APA Modules:
1). UTA Library formatting guide: click the left-hand side menu under “home” to find resources
and examples to help you. Please note, we are using the Professional Paper guidelines.
2). Purdue Writing Center:
3). UTA Library: