Nursing Nursing Homework

Part I:
All videos are found in the communications/interpreters skills . Click on the links of video and look for each videos
View the videos listed below:
3. Technique: Empathic Responses | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for empathic video)
6. Technique: Empowering the Patient | Bates’ Visual Guide ( look for empowering the Patient)
8. Use of Understandable Language | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for understandable language)
9. Use of Non-Stigmatizing Language | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for non-stigmatizing language
12. Interprofessional Communication | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for interprofessional communication)
24. Working with Medical Interpreters | Bates’ Visual Guide ( (look for working with medical interpreters)

Part II
In a written document:
• Summarize the communication techniques observed in the videos.
• Explain how the communication techniques improved the interactions between the clients and the nurses, including rationales and examples.
• Include references and citations in APA format and style.