University of Business and Technology

College of Engineering

Architectural Engineering Department 


Spring Semester 2022

Arch 361 – Building Construction Planning and Management


Assignment (1)

(20 Marks)



Dr. Jawad Alsuliman


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Assignment: Write an invitation letter to contractors to construct a school located in Jeddah with capacity of 1000 students. As more details you provide as more grades you get.


  1. To demonstrate an understanding of Construction Management basics
  2. To improve research and evaluation skills.


  • Word count is 750 words. (10% flexibility in word count is permitted). If the word counts violate these limits there will be an automatic 10% penalty deducted from the final mark.
  • Diagrams and charts are to be used when appropriate.
  • The recommended text size is 12 pt and Times New Roman font. And line space should be double.


Your overall grade will reflect:

  1. The quality of the information in your investigation.
  2. The relevance of your information to the given scenario.
  3. The detailed nature and comprehensiveness of your assignment.
  4. The consistency of information in all sections.
  5. The organization of the report.


  • The due date for the assignment is 13-03-2022.
  • Any delay will incur a 10% penalty to be deducted from the final mark.