Production And Operations

Production and Operations
Assignment Description
Research an organization of your choice, and describe its supply chain. (NOTE: You may choose a
private sector or public sector organization; however, more information will be available for a
private sector, publicly traded company). Your description should include a discussion of:
• Suppliers.
• Facilities (plants, distribution centers, etc.).
• Customers.
• Supply chain partners (third party providers, etc.).
Draw a schematic of the organization’s supply chain with three associated flows:
• Goods/services.
• Money/cash/capital.
• Information.
In addition, research and discuss the following topics:
• Supply chain costs as a percent of sales.
• Modes of transportation throughout the supply chain network (air, water, surface, etc.).
• Types of warehousing (plant/warehouses, proprietary/private, etc.).
• Metrics to measure supply chain performance.
o Cost
o Service levels
o Inventory turnover
o Their metrics
Finally, what supply chain improvements would you suggest for this organization?
Prepare a 10-12 page research paper (excluding title page, abstract, references page, and
appendices) in APA format presenting the items listed above. A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed
academic or professional references must be used in the paper.