Professional Assignment #1

Professional Assignment #1

CLO #2 – Define ethical issues related to information technology and identify major types of controls that organizations can use to protect their information resources.

CLO #3 – Explain the processes of querying a relational database and define Big Data and explain its basic characteristics. Compare and contrast the major types of networks.

CLO #7 – Discuss the business decisions involved in acquiring new applications. Consider the different stages of a system development life cycle.

Investigate the Sony PlayStation Network hack that occurred in April 2011. Then, in a 2 to 4 page, APA formatted, written report with a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed sources, address the following concepts by providing in-depth analysis and details:

  • What type of attack was it?
  • Was the success of the attack due to technology problems at Sony, management problems at Sony, or a combination of both? Provide specific examples to support your answer.
  • Which Sony controls failed?
  • Could the hack have been prevented? If so, how?
  • Discuss Sony’s response to the hack.
  • Describe the damages that Sony incurred from the hack.