Resp 3

1- Sublimation is one of the defense mechanism studied in class. This concept talks about how energy is usually diverted into socially acceptable and sometimes even admirable channels. For example aggressive impulses can be channeled into athletic activities, so that the person find a way of expressing aggressive feelings and, as an added bonus is often praised. An example of this can be found in my own life. When I struggle with anger I usually like to workout. This helps clear my mind and bring my anxiety down.

2-As an only child some aspects of the birth order of Adler’s theory apply to my family relations and my own personality. As an only child I have been pampered my whole life, even as an adult my parents still make me feel like their baby and want to always give me the world. I also work better by myself and can’t seem to enjoy team work or group projects. I do considered myself a person that has a high achievement drive and I feel like adults were easier to be around than kids my own age or any age. The only aspect that I don’t feel applies to my personality is the fact that I’m very independent even from my parents. I hate to ask for help or feel like I’m bothering someone when I can try to do it myself.

3.1-I believe that to certain extent is important that the therapist needs to form a strong relationship with the client because that will lead to a feeling of comfort, where the client can express their needs and emotions. But this has a delicate line that sometimes can be crossed. I believe that the therapist can be empathetic but boundaries need to be kept for the sake of a safe therapy. Techniques should be used along with the relationship between client-therapist.

3.2-In the example of the video we see the existential therapy approach, as we see a strong relationship of therapist-client. It was like seeing a father telling his son that what happened was not his fault and repeating it for him to understand it and really believe it. This eventually happened and Will was able to heal from the trauma of his past.