Second Part Of Unessay

Substantial Work in Progress (March 13th):

Submit a short Work in Progress statement that (a)explains what you have accomplished, (b)what you need to do to finish, and (c)something that shows your progress (e.g. a picture of artwork, draft/outline/annotated bibliography for written pieces, etc.)

Grading Rubric: If UnEssays can be about anything and there are no restrictions on format and presentation, how are they graded? The main criterion is how well it all fits together; how compellingeffective, and accurate your work is.

An UnEssay is compelling when it shows some combination of the following:

  • it is as interesting as its topic and approach allows
  • it is as complete as its topic and approach allows (it      doesn’t leave the audience thinking that important points are being      skipped over or ignored)

An UnEssay is effective when it shows some combination of these attributes:

  • it is readable/watchable/listenable (i.e. the      production values are appropriately high and the audience is not      distracted by avoidable lapses in presentation)
  • it is appropriate (i.e. it uses a format and medium      that suits its topic and approach)
  • it is attractive (i.e. it is presented in a way that      leads the audience to trust the author and his or her arguments, examples,      and conclusions).

An UnEssay is accurate when it show some combination of the following:

  • it is truthful (any questions, evidence, conclusions,      or arguments you raise are honestly and accurately presented)
  • it contains accurate scientific information