Sensation And Perception DB

Hearing paper, Winter 2022
Counts as 2 DBs (10% of final grade)
Everyone agrees that hearing is an important sense. Helen Keller went so far as to say that her deafness cut
her off from people. You probably don’t realize just how important is in your every day life and how much you
rely on it to get through your day.
For this assignment, you will write about what it would be like
to experience a diminished sense of hearing. You will be asked
to wear earplugs in different situations and note the
consequences on your daily activities.
See directions for the proper way to put in ear plugs
Include in your paper at least 2 observations that were the
result of your impaired hearing. Describe the situation in which
you observed the effect and how it affected your hearing.
Some examples:
1. speech perception & production
2. getting about by foot
3. locating & identifying sound sources
4. daily activities (e.g., cooking, typing, walking across
campus, etc)
5. Also, try wearing just one ear plug and noting any
DO NOT wear earplugs while driving, and
DO NOT cross busy intersections by yourself!
You also need to include at least 2 peer-reviewed articles to
back up your conclusions about your observations – what has research revealed about how we hear?
Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length (typed, 1 inch margins, double spaced) and contain APA style in text
citations, reference page, and title page. See my writing/APA handouts on Canvas or the APA format from
Purdue OWL website.
In addition, your paper will be graded on the basis of ingenuity
and clarity in writing. It is permissible (and encouraged) to have
other people (including those in the writing center) read a copy
of your paper before you hand it in.
Have fun!
Grading Rubric
Name:______________________________________ Grade:______________/10__________________
_______ (.5 point) Introduction
____ Did you give a good introduction to the paper?
_______ (1 point) Method
____ Did you explain clearly how you went about this assignment?
_______ (3 points) Observations
____ (1.5 points) Did you describe and explain observation #1 clearly?
____ (1.5 points) Did you describe and explain observation #2 clearly?
_______ (4 points) Peer-reviewed research
____ (2 points) Did you clearly talk about the research findings from reference #1?
____ (2 points) Did you clearly talk about the research findings from reference #2?
_______ (.5 point) Wrap up
____ Did you have a good last paragraph that summed everything up?
_______ (1 point) APA Style
____ (.5 point) References – Did you properly cite your references within the text?
____ (.5 point) References – Did you add a Reference page with correct APA formatted references?