Singer Questions

  • What philosophy does the author say drives his belief system? Explain what this philosophy is according to this text and/or your own research.


2)  What is the author’s main argument in the essay?  What position does he take, and what does he propose?  (State in clear sentences).


3) Make a short list of the strategies and types of evidence the author uses to support his claims in attempt to make a persuasive argument.  Which do you find to be effective support?  Weak support?  Do you detect any logical fallacies?  Reference at least 2 quotes from the piece.


4)  What adjective would you use to describe the author’s tone?  Do you think this is a help or hindrance to his persuasion?


5)  Make a pros and cons list for the type of society the author proposes, in which wealth is more “equally” distributed among common citizens.  You may want to do some research about communist and socialist societies — the benefits and the drawbacks.


6) Do you agree or disagree with the author’s argument?  Or agree with one part of the argument but not the other?  Do your best to support your position.


7)  Consider when the piece was published and find one fact or assertion in the essay that you believe is worth checking/updating.  Do a little research to update or verify something you found questionable.  Please reference your source.


8)  What connections can you make between the Sandel lecture and the Singer essay?  Can you describe how viewing this lecture may have affected your reading and interpretation of the Singer essay?


9)  How did you react when you first read this piece, and why do you think you reacted that way?  Whether you agree or not with Singer’s argument, has this essay compelled you to take a glimpse into your own spending/consumption habits, charitable contributions or deeds?  Please explain.

10) Do you believe the philosophy explored in this essay has a place in our modern day, post COVID world?  If so, in what context?  If not, why not?