Study Questions

each question 150-200 words response

1) As an entrepreneur or business person who is responsible for making decisions that impact your organization both internally and externally,  describe how you make decisions when they conflict with your personal  ethics and instincts? What personal values and ethical standards do you  consider most important when making decisions? Provide an example that  you have experienced or observed that supports the idea of trusting your  intuition and ethical beliefs.

2) Successful  companies try to maintain a positive relationship in the community in  which they do business. In the textbook, Colangelo explains that  representing your core values in the community wins loyalty to your  brand and attracts new customers. Entrepreneurs should remember that  part of a company’s stewardship includes socially responsible actions in  the community.

In what ways do organizations gain trust and show  they are socially responsible stewards? How is trust lost and reputation  damaged? Discuss examples of companies that are socially responsible  and have earned the trust of the community. Conversely, discuss other  companies that have lost the trust of communities and damaged their  reputations through social irresponsibility. What will you do to ensure  that your organization maintains a positive reputation in the community?